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No Closing Cost Loans are available in California.

30 Year Fixed


3.875% / 3.875% APR


Loan amounts up to $417,000

Get the lowest available rate and payment.


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30 Year Fixed

3.875% / 3.875% APR


Loan amounts up to $417,000

Get the lowest available rate and payment.


15 Year Fixed

3.25% / 3.25% APR


Loan amounts up to $417,000

Get the lowest available rate and payment.


30 Year Fixed

3.91% / 3.91% APR


Loan amounts up to $625,000

Get the lowest available rate and payment.


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Mortgage grabber has been such a wonderful help for our loan! They are very experienced, friendly, professional and always go above and beyond to answer any of your questions. I would defin recommend anyone who's looking for cheaper rate with easier and shorter transaction.

Nikkie B.

Mortgage Grabber is the best! They made the entire process so easy!! Thank you. They are the greatest helping me with the loan and everything. This could have been such a stressful process but he made it very painless. I can't wait to move in!

Michael M.

We got our loan from Mortgage Grabber, we filled out the form online and someone contacted us right away, we sent them all the documentation and 21 days later we had our loan close and we were able to close our real estate transaction. We are happy to move in to our new place and recommend them to anyone.

Chad D.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation do I need to provide?

Documentation needed depending on a loan program that you choose to go with. Some program require income. taxes, employment history, asset verification, while there are some programs that require no documents. Your mortgage advisor would be able to let you know what documentations are required.

Are there any loan programs that don’t require a down-payment?

Yes, there are some programs that allowed borrower to have zero down payment. However these loans depend on income, employment, asset and some other requirement which your mortgage advisor would be able to go over with you, once you have a free mortgage consultation.

How is my ARM rate determined?

Adjustable Rate Mortgages are determined by adding a margin to an index on a specific date.

What is mortgage insurance and why is it required?

Mortgage Insurance or MI is required on loans with down payment of less than 20%. Mortgage Insurance is to protect the lender against default. You can get rid of mortgage insurance when your equity gets to 20% of the value of the property. Mortgage insurance will not be removed automatically when the equity reaches 20%. You would need to refinance your loan in order to get rid of the mortgage insurance.

How long will it take after I submit my application to get approved?

Once you enter your application online, one of our mortgage advisors will contact you to go over all the information and to collect the needed documents for your loan, then we can submit the package to our lenders to start the process on your loan. We can complete loans in as few as 15 days.

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